About me

Henri Halle is a story teller, content creator, photographer and highly executing problem solver based in Washington State. He has a high level of appreciation for both the spectacular and the humble and strives to showcase the incredible feats of human achievement with authenticity. 

Over the past 9 years he has worked with some of the top professional athletes in the world, globally recognized brands, as well as individuals who you’ve definitely never heard of, yet he treats everyone with the same level of attention and respect they deserve. 

Henri has been lucky enough that his work has taken him to several continents. Over the course of which he has learned a lot about himself, the world, and human empathy and understanding. From 5 years filming Polo he picked up Spanish well enough to form lifelong connections with Spanish Speakers. He loves the natural world, and strives to align his work with his morals.

Henri is the founder of Magic Hour Media House a full service production and content marketing company.   

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